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RIMS Parts
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Here are the parts which were used to make the controller (click the thumbnail to expand):

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Here are the parts used for the plumbing (click the thumbnail to expand):

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This table contains many of the parts used in my RIMS, in no particular order.  These are 2002 prices.

Part Vendor Model Qty Cost Ext Cost Comments
PID Temperature Controller Omega CN491A-D1 1 $159.00 $159.00 Prior to 2/12/05, this was incorrectly listed as model CN491-D1.  Sorry for any inconvenience.
RTD Temperature Probe Omega PR-10-2-100-1/4-6-E-ST 1 $63.00 $63.00  
RIMS Heater Element Grainger 2E768 1 $45.00 $45.00 220V, 6000W (Equiv 110V 1500W) 
Solid State Relay Omega SSR330DC25 1 $26.00 $26.00  
SSR Heat Sink Omega FHS-8 1 $20.00 $20.00  
Thermowell Beer Beer & More Beer FE616 1 $29.50 $29.50 1/2" MPT SS 5" total length 
Pump Beer Beer & More Beer H310 1 $119.00 $119.00 1/2" MPT Inlet/Outlet 
Ball Valve Beer Beer & More Beer H600 1 $19.00 $19.00 1/2" FPT SS  
RIMS Heater Chamber, pipes, etc Murphy's, Lowes N/A 1 $95.44 $95.44  
Quick Disconnects Beer Beer & More Beer H501 3 $18.50 $55.50  
Fiberglass enclosure Rexel


(Hoffman A48)

1 $43.24 $43.24  
 Total         $678.68  


bulletfor the RIMS heater chamber, I had to go to a local plumbing shop named Murphy's for many of the parts -- you just can't get 1.5" pipe at Lowe's or Home Depot.  This was a 1.5" pipe, with a 1.5"-.5" reducer on the bottom, a 1.5"-.5" T near the top, 1.5" female NPT, 1.5"-1" bushing on the top
bulletI ordered the heater element through my local homebrew shop, as Grainger doesn't like to deal with retail sales.  The price I quoted includes shipping.
bulletI initially thought I would hard plumb, but ended up using the braided hose you can see in RIMS Plumbing.  I like the braided hose because you can see through it to verify the wort is flowing, and being flexible, it is easier to plug and unplug the quick disconnects for drainage.  The compression fittings were not needed.
bulletthere were other miscellaneous plumbing, electrical and mechanical parts, which were not recorded here, so your mileage may vary (i.e., it cost me more than the quoted $679)
bulletthink about where you want the temperature probe in relation to the controller box before buying the temperature probe.  This one has three feet of wire, which limited my options on mounting the control box, so you may need more wire. 
bulletyou'll see there were several more ball valves needed, which were bought at either Lowe's or Home Depot, a lot cheaper than Beer Beer and More Beer's, but not stainless steel.
bulletOmega has a nice selection of thermowells.  They are nicer looking than the BB&MB one, but I don't think it really makes a difference.
bulletAs I started the construction, I realized that another 15A circuit was needed.  The heater draws 13.5A, while the pump draws 1.4A, already pushing the 15A circuit I have in the brewery.  It was clear that an additional circuit was needed -- so much for patting myself on the back for all my good planning when the house was built.  Luckily, there was a separate 15A circuit which could be routed into the brewery fairly easily.

DISCLAIMER: While I hope you find this site interesting and useful for reference purposes, I am neither a plumber nor an electrician, and therefore cannot take any liability for any injury which may occur through implementation of any apparatus which is based on the information contained herein.  Please feel free to use this information at your own risk.

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