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RIMS Plumbing
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Here are some views of the RIMS plumbing, as it was first being tested for leaks (yes it did, thank you for asking).  The mash tun is in the middle of the three tier system.  The fitting from the mash tun can be routed either into the kettle below, or to the RIMS pump underneath.  The pump pushes the mash liquid into the heat chamber, then up to the manifold.  The manifold can be routed from the hot liquor tank on top, or from the heater chamber on the left.

Note there is valve on the bottom of the heat chamber, on the outlet of the mash tun, and on the top of the manifold.  (Darn, I need a couple more pictures to show this clearly -- watch this spot, it'll be here soon).  To prime the pump, open the mash tun valve before starting the pump.  Then start the pump and open the valve at the bottom of the heat chamber while pumping for a short time, of course collecting the wort while open.  Don't forget to open the valve at the top of the manifold before you start!

Front View (click the thumbnail to expand):

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Top View (click the thumbnail to expand): 

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