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Here, I'm collecting pointers to information about brewing ingredients.


bulletBrew Rats HomeBrew Club -- HOP PROFILE
bulletSkotrat's Hop Specifications


bulletAll About Grains 101 - Brewrats malt guide
bulletBriess Specialty Malt Chart - a guide about malt
bulletNorth Country Malt Supply - Malt Comparison Chart


bullet Bodensatz Brewing - Yeast Culture FAQ
bulletBodensatz Brewing - Yeast Database - includes information on yeast source
bulletBrewRats Yeast Specs - includes information on yeast source
bulletYeast Information - with permission from White Labs, Inc.
bulletYeast Washing for the Home Brewer - from Wyeast Labs, Inc
bulletWhite Labs Pure Brewers Yeast Search

Last updated March 12, 2005
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