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Mountain Biking

Lou and Bike

This is me and my bike. I hope to add more information to this page about some of the mountain biking around where I live. But now I'm too lazy.

Here's a couple of interesting links I have found.

bulletBicycle Related Links from BikeBox - these links change periodically.
bulletMTB Review - This mountain biking site has 3700 reviews on over 600 different mountain biking products. Including a "Hall of Shame"(worst) and "Hall of Fame"(best) product categories.
bulletFAQ's from the "rec.bicycles.*" newsgroups - a collection of "frequently asked questions" from the most popular bicycle newsgroup on the net.
bulletTravel with Bicycles - a good page with information on how to travel with your bicycle using rail/air/other
bulletElk River Touring Center - offers a variety of guided tours and clinicas that start at $239 for three days and two nights, including meals and accommodations.
bulletShowshoe Mountain Resourt Mountain Biking - offers bike packages starting at $55 per person for one night, $102 for two nights.

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