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2002-09-21 AG-Lou's Brews Steam Beer

A ProMash Brewing Session Report

Brewing Date: Saturday September 21, 2002
Head Brewer: Lou King
Asst Brewer: Batch 22
Recipe: AG-Lou's Brews Steam Beer

BJCP Style and Style Guidelines
06-C American Pale Ales, California Common Ale

Min OG: 1.044 Max OG: 1.055   
Min IBU: 35 Max IBU: 45   
Min Clr: 8 Max Clr: 14  Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 10.00 Wort Size (Gal): 10.00
Total Grain (Lbs): 16.50      
Anticipated OG: 1.055 Plato: 13.46
Anticipated SRM: 11.3        
Anticipated IBU: 38.7      
Brewhouse Efficiency: 85  %   
Wort Boil Time: 75  Minutes   

Actual OG: 1.046 Plato: 11.35   
Actual FG: 1.012 Plato: 3.14   
Alc by Weight: 3.59 by Volume: 4.59 From Measured Gravities.
ADF: 72.3 RDF: 60.8 Apparent & Real Degree of Fermentation.

Actual Mash System Efficiency: 85 %
Anticipated Points From Mash: 40.76
Actual Points From Mash: 40.78

% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM
60.6 10.00 lbs.  Pale Malt(2-row) America 1.036 2
18.2 3.00 lbs.  Light Dry Malt Extract    1.046 7
12.1 2.00 lbs.  Crystal 60L America 1.034 60
6.1 1.00 lbs.  Toasted Malt(2-row) America 1.033 30
3.0 0.50 lbs.  Vienna Malt Germany 1.037 3

Potential represented as SG per pound per gallon.

Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
1.50 oz.  Northern Brewer Whole 7.30 25.6 75 min
2.00 oz.  Northern Brewer Whole 7.30 10.8 20 min
1.00 oz.  Cascade Pellet 6.00 2.4 5 min

Amount Name Type Time
0.10 Oz  Irish Moss Fining 15 Min.(boil)
2.00 Tbsp  Gypsum Other 60 Min.(mash)

White Labs WLP810 San Fransisco Lager

Mash Schedule
Mash Type: Single Step   
Heat Type: Infusion   
Grain Lbs: 13.50   
Water Qts: 26.00 Before Additional Infusions
Water Gal: 6.50 Before Additional Infusions
Qts Water Per Lbs Grain: 1.93 Before Additional Infusions
Tun Thermal Mass: 0.30   
Grain Temp: 65 F Before Additional Infusions

Rest Temp Time
Dough In: 175 7 Min
Saccharification Rest: 153 60 Min
Mash-out Rest: 170 0 Min
Sparge: 170 60 Min

Total Mash Volume Gal: 7.58 - After Additional Infusions

Runnings Stopped At: 1.012 SG 3.08 Plato

All temperature measurements are degrees Fahrenheit.

Efficiency Specifics
Recipe Efficiency Setting: 85 %

With sparge water, mash water, additional infusions, vessel losses, top-up
water and evaporation rate recorded in the Water Needed Calculator:

Target Volume (Gal): 14.63      
Estimated OG: 1.037 Plato: 9.34

Raw Pre-Boil Targets - only targeted volume/gravity and evaporation
rate taken into account:
Target Volume (Gal): 12.31      
Estimated OG: 1.044 Plato: 11.03

Post-Boil Targets:
Target Volume (Gal): 10.00      
Estimated OG: 1.055 Plato: 13.46

Recorded Actuals - Measurement Taken In Kettle:
Recorded Volume (Gal): 13.50      
Recorded OG: 1.040 Plato: 10.10

At 100 percent extraction from the maximum mash potential:
Total Points: 61.75
Points From Mash: 47.95
Points From Extract/Sugar: 13.80

With the recipe efficiency setting, you should have achieved:
Total Points: 54.56
Points From Mash: 40.76
Points From Extract/Sugar: 13.80

Actuals achieved were:
Actual Points From Mash: 40.78
Actual Mash System Efficiency: 85 %

Fermentation Specifics
Pitched From: Starter
Amount Pitched: 710 OZ
Lag Time: 5.00 hours

Primary Fermenter: Stainless Steel
Primary Type: Closed
Days In Primary: 14
Primary Temperature: 68 degrees F

Original Gravity: 1.046 SG 11.35 Plato
Finishing Gravity: 1.012 SG 3.14 Plato

Problem Notes
1. I think the grain was significantly light. The bucket was marked 19 lbs (10 gallon batch). Here's what I know: - when I looked in the bucket I thought it might be light, but I didn't bother weighing it because I figured it would be ok - when I mashed in, the mash was quite thin - first runnings were 1.068, when normally they are around 1.095 - efficiency in the kettle (promash) was 51% when normally I am measuring around 85% Calculating backwards assuming an efficiency of 85%, I think there may only have been 11 lbs or so in the bucket I bought. I ended up dumping in 3 lbs of DME, so the batch wouldn't be wasted. 2. When I put the cooler in, apparently I put it on top of a muslin hop bag. The hop bag burned during the last 20 minutes of the boil. I cannot taste the burned flavor in the wort, but the kettle is difficult to clean.

Toast pale malt at 350' for 14 minutes

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